18 Jun 2024

Just 1 in 5 believe Conservatives will cut migration – says exclusive new poll

Meanwhile, just 34% think Labour will meet its net migration pledge.

New research from Savanta for Channel 4 News shows that just 21% of voters believe the Conservatives will cut migration.

The new polling, commissioned ahead of Channel 4 News’ special programme – ‘The UK Decides: Immigration, Law and Order’, suggests the public is distrustful of both major parties’ pledges on migration and small boats, with particular ire held for the Conservative Party.

Asked whether they believe either of the two main parties’ pledges to cut net migration: 28% said they only believe Labour, 15% only Conservatives, 6% both, and 43% said ‘neither’.

Savanta’s polling also suggests that Labour (35%) is seen by more voters as having the best policies for reducing crime, over the Conservatives (20%) and Reform UK (12%).

The findings come ahead of a 7-way debate tonight from Channel 4 News focussed on immigration, law and order, featuring senior politicians from the main parties.

Confirmed for the panel are: Chris Philp (Home Office Minister, CON), Nick Thomas Symonds (Shadow Cabinet Minister, LAB), Daisy Cooper (Deputy Party Leader, LIB DEM), Carla Denyer (Co-Party Leader, GREEN), Richard Tice (Chairman, REFORM UK), Keith Brown (Deputy Party Leader, SNP), and Rhun ap Iorwerth (Party Leader, PLAID CYMRU).

The 90-minute special event will take place in Colchester with a live studio audience, hosted by presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, beginning at 6.30pm.

The format will involve set topics, with challenges between representatives allowed, and audience questions during the televised debate.

Channel 4 News’ FactCheck service will be providing live analysis of claims made by politicians.  Launched in 2005, this is the fifth election supported by the agenda-setting data journalism unit. Viewers can follow @FactCheck.

The event comes as part of Channel 4 News’ ‘The UK Decides’ strand, taking live debate out of London and following politicians right across the campaign trail.

Across the two next weeks in the lead-up to polling day, the double BAFTA and RTS winning news programme will be across the four nations, with special programming featuring its full presenting team.