3 Mar 2011

July 7: Six voices from the inquests

As the inquest into the deaths of those killed in the London bombings hears its final evidence, Andy Davies talks to six witnesses about what the hearings meant for those giving testimony.

John Mather Saba Mozakka Veronica Cassidy John Taylor Steven Desborough Thelma Stober

On the morning of July 7 2005 four bombs exploded in London, causing the single worst terrorist atrocity on British soil.

Three bombs exploded on the London Underground, and a fourth blast ripped through a bus packed with people on their way to work.

A total of 52 people were killed across London in an event that still shakes the survivors and the families of those who died.

“I didn’t think about Carrie passing away when I was with her. She was still showing signs of life then and I just wanted to keep those signs of life going.” Steven Desborough speaks about helping fatally wounded Carrie Taylor

After a lengthy fight, an inquest into the deaths of those killed finally began in 2010. Seventy-three days later the inquest heard its final evidence.

Channel 4 News interviewed six people whose lives were individually affected by the London bombings, and who all gave evidence at the subsequent inquest.

Use the interactive graphic above to view each story and hear why, almost six years after the attack, the inquest played a crucial part in understanding what happened on July 7.