3 Mar 2011

July 7 witness: Veronica Cassidy

Ciaran Cassidy was on his way to work in central London when he was killed in the Russell Square tube bombing on July 7. His mother Veronica told the inquest about her son’s life.

On 7 July 2005 22-year-old Ciaran Cassidy was travelling to work on a packed London Underground train on the Piccadilly Line when Jermaine Lindsay, 19, detonated his bomb, killing 26 people.

Ciaran Cassidy was one of those who died in the blast. His mother, Veronica, read the following statement at the inquest into the London bombings, saying her son is “greatly missed”.

“I make this statement on my son Ciaran Cassidy on behalf of Ciaran’s father, my husband, John Cassidy, Ciaran’s sister Lisa and myself.

“Ciaran was born on the 27 October 1982. He had an older sister Lisa, three years older than him.

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“Ciaran was a very contented baby and was always smiling. Ciaran came from a very large extended family of 25 aunts and uncles and 42 cousins living in Ireland.

“He was close to his only surviving grandmother who sadly died two years ago. Ciaran attended primary school in Tollington Park and then later attended St Thomas More secondary school in Wood Green.

Ciaran Cassidy

“After completing his GCSEs he left St Thomas More to attend La Swap Sixth Form College to complete a GNVQ in leisure and tourism. He loved this course and worked very hard. He obtained a merit which made the whole family very proud.

“When Ciaran died he was working for a company in Chancery Lane called Bridge and Co, a stationery and printing business.

“By working here, Ciaran got to know a range of different people. He loved to discuss the weekend football results with anyone who’d listen on a Monday morning.

“When Ciaran died we received many letters from solicitors, judges and lawyers who knew Ciaran in the shop, all saying the same thing: Ciaran was a happy, smiling, friendly boy.”

Greatly missed

“Ciaran’s friends played a very important part in his life. He had friends who were with him from nursery school and he had made many more friends as he grew up and all over the world.

“One of Ciaran’s longstanding friends said that Ciaran was more like a brother to him. He had no hate in him and he had no ego. He was unique.

Veronica Cassidy

“He did not care for politics or war. He loved his family, friends, Arsenal, his weekend drinks and his mother’s dinners.

“Ciaran would talk to anyone. Friends often complained about him walking down the road and stopping to talk to so many people it would take for ever to reach their destination.

“Ciaran’s big dream was to go to Australia. He had been saving hard and had a good amount of money gathered. At the time he had a very good Australian friend who has going to accompany Ciaran out to Australia and get him established.

“I think Ciaran would have eventually emigrated to Australia as the lifestyle would have suited him.

“Losing Ciaran has left a great void in our family’s life. We miss his smiley face, his presence, the text messages every evening asking what’s for dinner.

“Ciaran was a much-loved son, friend, grandson, nephew and cousin. He is greatly missed by all that knew and loved him.”

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