23 Feb 2015

Julianne Moore scoops best actress Oscar for Still Alice

Julianne Moore wins an academy award for her role as a university professor with Alzheimer’s disease in Still Alice. Here she discusses the ignorance still associated with dementia.

Speaking just before her first Oscar win for her powerful performance in the dementia drama, Julianne Moore told Channel 4 News about her experiences with the disease and the stigma still attached.

“There is an ignorance about the disease,” she said. “People don’t talk about it, they don’t feel like the support is available to them”.

Moore also said she agreed with a scene in the film when Alice says: “We become ridiculous, incapable, comical. But this isn’t us. It is a disease.”

Julianne Moore also had her say on diversity in the film industry following a series of a high-profile criticisms of the lack of nominees from ethnic backgrounds.

“It is interesting that we are so slow to change, but we do change,” she said. “Think about what has happened with gay marriage.”

A demonstration by a civil rights group was cancelled on Sunday at the request of Selma director Ava DuVernay.