14 Feb 2020

Johnson chairs his first reshuffled cabinet after Chancellor’s resignation

They were on message, on cue and in unison.

And that might be one of the points of the cabinet reshuffle – ministers who will do what they’re told, a weaker Treasury under Downing Street’s instruction, the long-stated plans of Dominic Cummings delivered through the electoral power of Boris Johnson?

But will it make the work of government and its power to improve people’s lives any better?

The figures that cabinet ministers were asked to recite have been disputed – some question whether we really are getting 50,000 new nurses and 40 new hospitals.

But there was no disputing the message from the Prime Minister at the first cabinet meeting since Sajid Javid’s surprise resignation yesterday about who was in charge.

New Chancellor Rishi Sunak was at the Prime Minister’s side at the cabinet table.