18 Jan 2011

Joanna Yeates’ parents plea to end ‘torment’

The parents of murdered Bristol architect Joanna Yeates appeal to the nation’s “armchair detectives” to come forward with any information they have that could help bring her killer to justice.

Joanna Yeates‘ body was found on a golf course in Bristol on Christmas Day. The 25-year-old had been strangled to death.

Police have been hunting the perpetrator ever since, but as yet his or her identity remains unclear.

In a bid to pick up the momentum of the investigation, Ms Yeates’ parents Theresa and David have released a statement asking anyone who thinks they have any information to come forward. They say anyone who is withholding information is “prolonging the torment of Jo’s family and friends”.

We are sure the killer will be brought to justice. Parents of Joanna Yeates

In the statement released through Avon and Somerset Police, they say: “We are sure the killer will be brought to justice. When this happens, please think how you will feel, if you knew the killer, and you had questions in your mind which you consciously refused to act on.”

Ms Yeates’ landlord was questioned by police in connection with the murder, but later released on bail.

Her family said they spend their time thinking of scenarios for how their daughter died.

Joanna Yeates' parents appeal for information to catch her killer

“We spend much of our time – as I imagine most of the country does – thinking of scenarios which took Jo, alive in her flat, to being found dead by the side of a country lane. These scenarios change as events unfold, and new facts are made available,” Mr and Mrs Yeates said.

“All our thoughts are passed back to the police. Although we invariably do not have all the facts known by the police, we do know Jo. We know what Jo would do, and how she would react in different situations. This, we believe, is our major contribution.”


The statement ends with a plea for information.

“Nearly the whole country has been moved by the tragic events surrounding Jo’s murder. Many of us are ‘armchair detectives’, but if this activity triggers anything, please come forward,” it reads.

“If you do know something and you do not come forward you are consciously hampering the apprehension of Jo’s killer(s) and the perpetrator(s) is still free. You will also be prolonging the torment of Jo’s family and friends.

If you do know something and you do not come forward…you will be prolonging the torment of Jo’s family and friends. Parents of Joanna Yeates

“Do you know anyone that hasn’t been shocked or disturbed? Has anyone you know had an unusual or inexplicable reaction? Was their behaviour unusual on the weekend of 17/18/19th December, or throughout the past three weeks? Do you know someone who has been behaving out of character either by actions, or what is said – or not said? Do you know someone who has inexplicably become reclusive, quiet or vocal?

“As mentioned above, scenarios abound regarding Jo. Has someone tried to impress on you a scenario which has been inconsistent with the information released by the police at that time – and refused to change it?

“It would appear that the nation is shocked and appalled by what has happened to our daughter. Do you know someone who has been, somehow, justifying her being killed? Please help us identify the killer.”