17 Feb 2015

Jewish journalist abused and spat at in Paris video

An Israeli journalist wearing a kippah is verbally abused and spat at as he films himself walking around the streets Paris for 10 hours.

Zvika Klein puts on a kippah at the start of the video and sets out for “10 hours of silent walking through all areas of Paris”.

The footage has been edited down to 96 seconds. Almost 1 million people have viewed the clip since it was uploaded on Sunday.

The video follows similar “10 hours in…” formats on YouTube, the first of which showed sexist abuse towards a woman walking around New York.

Muslim neighbourhoods

Klein, who works as world correspondent for NRG, an Israeli news website, has denied that he sought out negative comments by going to poor and predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods.

“If I was walking around with an Israeli flag, I understand it might create negative feelings. But I don’t think [wearing a kippah] should generate that kind of thing,” he told the BBC.

Klein said he faced little abuse in more popular tourist areas, but “as we went to the suburbs, or certain neighbourhoods in the city, the remarks became more violent.”

Critics say the “10 hours in…” videos convey a false impression because of the large amount of editing that takes place.


In February, figures released by a Jewish charity showed anti-semitism in the UK had reached a 30-year high.

The Community Security Trust recorded close to 1,200 incidents in 2014, more than double the number in 2013.