15 Mar 2019

Jess Phillips and Nick Boles on hot coals and Brextension | Politics: Where Next? podcast

Political Editor

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On this week’s episode:

In a moment to talk about where Brexit is heading and where it might be dragging our political parties – we welcome back Labour MP Jess Phillips and the Conservative MP and former minister Nick Boles to the podcast.

While we were recording our chat, the Commons was debating whether to seek an extended deadline for Brexit. It backed the carefully constrained government motion that asked for more time to implement Theresa May’s deal.

It didn’t agree to let backbenchers and opposition parties take control of Brexit but with authority haemorrhaging from the government, that day may not be far off.

To talk about all that, Jess Phillips and Nick Boles joined me – though what they most wanted to talk about at the beginning was that recent Times magazine front cover and the Twitter storm that followed.

In the podcast, passionate Remainer Jess Phillips admits even she would feel a tiny sense of relief if Theresa May’s Brexit deal passed, while Nick Boles insists the pursuit of an alternative softer Brexit could succeed and could be quick.

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