26 Mar 2015

Jeremy Paxman grilled ahead of leaders’ interviews

Ahead of Thursday evening’s leader’s interviews, Michael Crick confronts host Jeremy Paxman about whether he is sympathetic to the Conservative Party.

Mr Paxman has confirmed that he was approached by the Conservatives to stand as an MP in Kensington and previously invited to discuss a bid to become Mayor of London.

Asked to respond to claims from a senior Conservative source that Mr Paxman had “seriously thought about” the Kensington seat, Paxo, as he is affectionately known, said: “Of course they would say that”.

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Mr Paxman stepped down as the presenter of Newsnight last year after 25 years in the presenter’s chair. Two months later, at the Chalke Valley History Festival, he described himself as a “one-nation Tory”.

Michael Crick also caught up with Kay Burley, the co-host of the interviews, who denied she was concerned about Paxman’s political leanings.

The Channel 4 News political correspondent also asked Mr Paxman what his chemistry was like with co-host Burley. He responded that it is “explosive – I can’t begin to tell you”.

Cameron and Miliband Live will air on Channel 4 at 9pm. It will feature David Cameron and Ed Miliband separately facing a grilling from Jeremy Paxman, followed by a live studio question and answer session, fronted by Kay Burley.