14 Mar 2011

Japan tsunami: the aftermath live blog

The biggest earthquake in Japan’s history sparked a tsunami which swept across the north east of the country, leaving devastation in its path. Follow events as they happen on our live blog.

Japan Tsunami

08.45 Channel 4 News Chief Correspondent reports from Minamisanriku, the ground zero of Japan’s tsunami, where up to 10,000 people are missing from a town with a population of just 17,000.

06.40 There has been a second explosion at Fukushima nuclear plant, and warnings of another tsunami overnight.

The Japanese Government will pump 15 trillion yen (£113bn) into the economy but the markets still fell on opening in Tokyo. Rescue workers continue to comb through the debris for survivors.

Sunday 13 March

18.30 Concerns are raised over the reactors at four nuclear plants in Japan – Fukushima Daiiki, Dukushima Daini, Onagawa and Tokai.

There are harrowing testimonies from families who fear they may have lost their loved ones, as well as touching stories of survival – as dramatic footage emerges of the moments the waves hit the shore.

17.40 Channel 4 News Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson is one of the first outsiders to reach Minamisanriku, a port town in Japan devastated by the tsunami. Up to 10,000 people are missing out of a population of just 17,000.

He describes the scene in Minamisanriku as “some kind of Armageddon”.

16.00 “The earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear incident have been the biggest crisis Japan has encountered in the 65 years since the end of World War II,” Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan said.

“We’re under scrutiny on whether we, the Japanese people, can overcome this crisis.”

15.20 As a state of emergency is declared at the Onagawa nuclear plant – following Saturday’s explosion at a nuclear power facility in Fukushima, and fears for a second reactor at the same location – Channel 4 News speaks to an expert to find out how dangerous the nuclear explosions in Japan are.

John Large warns that the type of fuel could make any explosion more deadly, and highlights that a change of wind could see the toxic radioactive fumes drift over to Tokyo.

14.10 As rescue workers search through the debris in Japan, what is next for the devastated country?

13.00 France is advising its citizens to leave Tokyo over the risks of more aftershocks and the nuclear situation.

11.00 A woman from Minamisanriku, now in Sendai, tells Channel 4 News she cannot reach her family who still live in the devastated town, as reports suggest up to 10,000 may have died in the tsunami.

10.00 As Japan warns of another explosion at the nuclear plant in Fukushima and possible “partial meltdown”, reports suggest that up to 10,000 people may have died in the devastating earthquake, tsunami and aftermath.

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