4 Feb 2022

James Brokenshire’s wife on better cancer screening and remembering her late husband

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

We will wage war on cancer – the health secretary said today, as he launched a ten year plan promising to make England’s cancer care the best in the world.

It will be a tough fight with survival rates in the UK already lagging behind many other developed nations and Covid has seen treatment disrupted, and tens of thousands of fewer diagnoses.

One woman who knows from brutal personal experience why that battle needs to be won is the wife of the former Northern Ireland secretary James Brokenshire.

He died of lung cancer just four months ago. Cathy Brokenshire tells us why she is now campaigning to improve awareness about the disease and urging people to get checked.

For more information and support on lung cancer: https://roycastle.org/campaigns/spot-the-difference/spot-the-symptoms/