30 Sep 2015

Jacob Zuma ‘slights’ Barack Obama


A photo showing South African President Jacob Zuma remaining on the phone while greeting Barack Obama causes a stir in the press.

Barack Obama is regarded as the most powerful man in the world.

But Jacob Zuma, the South African President, seems to have ignored the US leader. South African media has been reacting to the picture of President Zuma staying on the phone as he shook hands with President Obama. The US leader jokingly signals “you are on the phone?”

South Africa’s Online News24 asks: What would you do if the leader of the so-called free world approached you, hand stretched out and you were on the phone?

Times live asked its readers: Who’s more important to Zuma than Obama?

Some on social media asked Obama to respect his elder:

Others describe Zuma as a disgrace:

Mr Zuma, who’s fighting political firestorms at home, may have been handling protests against corruption in his country.