15 Oct 2023

Israeli tanks line Gaza border as hostage numbers confirmed

Chief Correspondent

Doctors in Gaza say they fear thousands could die because hospitals are running desperately low on generator fuel and basic supplies. Palestinians in the besieged Strip are struggling to find food, water and safety, as they brace for a ground offensive.

Israel continues to urge Gazans to flee the north – giving them more time to take the main road south.

The Rafah Crossing – the only exit not controlled by Israel – remains shut as Egypt refuses to allow foreigners out until Israel agrees to let vital aid in.

The UN estimates that almost half Gaza’s population have left their homes – the number of people in Khan Younis more than doubling. But even the south has been hit by Israeli air strikes, which Gaza’s Health Ministry says have killed more than 2,450 people. Tensions have also escalated In the West Bank, with 55 Palestinians killed in the last week by Israeli troops and settlers.

More than 1,300 Israelis were killed in last weekend’s attack by Hamas – which the UK has designated a terrorist group. And Israel has closed the area along its border with Lebanon, after a Hezbollah missile killed a civilian in an Israeli border village.

Alex reports on the latest developments. You may find some of the images upsetting.