Contains distressing content.
10 Nov 2023

Israeli soldiers close in on Gaza City, panic at hospitals where thousands had taken shelter

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

The Red Cross has warned that the destruction facing hospitals in Gaza has become ‘unbearable’ – warning that the enclave’s entire health care system is on the edge of collapse.

Israel has confirmed that its forces were operating close to Al-Shifa, the biggest hospital in Gaza City – they claim it is the site of the main command centre for Hamas, which is designated a terrorist organisation by the UK.

The Hamas-appointed Gaza health ministry says Israeli tanks have also surrounded two other hospitals – the Rantisi and the Al-Nasr.

Thousands more people have continued to flee the fighting to the south along the Salah Al Deen road – including many who had been sheltering at Al Shifa, where an explosion was reported in the courtyard.

Our foreign affairs correspondent Secunder Kermani  reports, and a warning there are highly distressing images.