Contains distressing content.
7 Nov 2023

Israel-Hamas war: IDF moves into ‘heart of Gaza City’

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Demonstrators – many of them anti-government – are setting up a permanent protest camp close to the Knesset or Israeli parliament.

Putting pressure on the embattled Prime Minister Netanyahu to do more to release the hostages in Gaza. Hamas, which the UK has proscribed as a terrorist organisation, claims that 60 have been killed in Israeli air strikes. This can’t be verified.

But the plight of the hostages is putting domestic pressure on the Prime Minister here, while external pressure is growing – even from America – for a pause in the fighting.

Israel says its soldiers are now “in the heart of Gaza City”. And it’s still telling Gazans to move south to safety – even as it bombs the crowded southern cities of Khan Younis, Rafah and Deir al-Balah, reportedly killing dozens of people.

Our Foreign Affairs Correspondent Secunder Kermani has this report, which contains distressing images.