30 May 2024

Is ‘left wing purge’ key to a Starmer election victory?

Reports that Labour are set to bar Diane Abbott from standing in the general election have sparked outrage, with the veteran MP accusing Keir Starmer of purging the party’s left wing and alienating voters.

But is the Labour leader and his inner circle willing to lose left-wing voters, if it means they can concentrate on winning over disaffected Conservatives and bringing back Labour supporters who were put off by Jeremy Corbyn?

This week, Rishi Sunak has made a slew of policy announcements – national service for teenagers, cutting so-called “Mickey Mouse” university courses, and a tax giveaway for pensioners – this has left many wondering if the Tories have totally given up on young voters.

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrats leader Ed Davey was pictured falling – or jumping – off a paddleboard in Lake Windermere, but can the party make a splash across the country or is it just about a few target seats?

In this episode of The Political Fourcast, Krishnan Guru-Murthy talks about all this with the Liberal Democrats’ deputy leader Daisy Cooper, former Conservative Universities minister, Lord Johnson, and Meg Hillier, who was Labour Chair of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee and has been the MP in Diane Abbott’s neighbouring constituency for 20 years.

Produced by Calum Fraser, Silvia Maresca, Shaheen Sattar, Rob Thompson and Nick Jackson.

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