19 Oct 2014

Should internet trolls get two years behind bars?

Tough new crackdown measures to target internet trolls could be introduced under new legislation proposed by the government.

The previous maximum term of six months will be quadrupled under the plan to tackle trolls who post abusive comments online.

Under the current law, people who subject their victims to sexually offensive, verbally abusive or threatening material on the internet can only be prosecuted in magistrates’ courts under the malicious communications act, which carries a maximum prison sentence of six months.

‘Serious cases’

But the new measures will allow magistrates to pass on serious cases to the crown courts, where offenders would face a maximum of two years behind bars.

The change will be made as an amendment to the criminal justice and courts bill currently going through parliament.

They measures would also give the police more time to collect enough evidence to enable successful prosecutions to be brought.

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