16 Jul 2020

Inside the criminal justice system with the Secret Barrister

It’s rare to get a peek behind the scenes of courtrooms and the people working in them.

In a tell-all book, the anonymous author known as the Secret Barrister has painted a picture of a criminal justice system in England and Wales on its knees, while keeping their identity totally secret, even their gender.

Now we have attempted to bring their insights out of the shadows – examining real cases that reveal the problems at the heart of the justice system.

Delays, cuts and creaking infrastructure, all made worse by the crippling pandemic.

In the first in our series, the Secret Barrister examines the story of a victim of assault, who has been left with life-long injuries. Yet the accused were never tried.

Filmed before the pandemic, we have disguised the Secret Barrister’s identity and the piece has been voiced by an actor.


Camera Op: Jay Dacey and Scottie McKinnon

Editor: Gary Beelders

Online Editor: Mat Welham

Producer/Director: Sara Moralioglu