8 May 2019

India election: the young people struggling to find work

We’ve travelled south to the capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru, better known perhaps by its old British Empire name of Bangalore.

It was one of the earlier states to vote in this vast election process that goes on for weeks.

And it was for years an opposition stronghold. But the BJP have made big inroads here in the last couple of years as nationalism and Modi’s ability to project India’s place in the world becomes a key part of the debate.

This is the third biggest megacity in India and in many ways its most advanced – it was India’s first big tech hub and is full of bright young people looking to make their fortunes.

But with unemployment levels nationwide soaring to a 45-year high of around seven per cent, the young generation is suddenly struggling.

It is one of the key issues Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party is fighting on and we’ve been to find out how that’s playing with young voters.