21 Jan 2015

In pictures: Four years of the Greek financial crisis

After four years of economic sacrifices, political turmoil and mass protests, Greece is set for parliamentary elections this Sunday which could see another eurozone crisis.

2010: Greek riot police rest in front of graffiti written on the wall of a bank during violent demonstrations over austerity measures.

2011: A protester clashes with a police officer after tens of thousands marched in opposition to government attempts to pass new austerity laws.

2011: A protester wears a gas mask beside a burning van during violent protests against austerity measures.

2011: Policemen are set ablaze by a petrol bomb thrown by protesters during clashes near the Parliament building in Athens.

2012: Greeks wait to receive free onions and other vegetables offered by farmers.

2014: Ilias Panagiotaros of the far-right Golden Dawn party delivers a speech during a pre-election rally in Athens.

2015: A man walks past a banner adversiting the opposition leader and head of the left-wing Syriza party, Alexis Tsipras.