1 May 2024

‘I feel completely ignored’: the human impact of respite care costs

Economics Correspondent

Local councils in England face the voters tomorrow with many struggling to stay afloat. Many council leaders say the cost of social care is a huge challenge which now absorbs two-thirds of their budgets. But at the same time, many carers say they’re not getting the support they need.

Now a charity has taken central government to an Information Tribunal in a bid to force them to reveal how they decide how much money is allocated for social care.

We met one woman fighting to get the help she needs as she looks after her nephew 365 days a year.

Liverpool City Council added to their statement on Marie’s case, telling us: “A social work visit has been arranged to discuss the current support options available and also to review Marie’s nephew’s care and support needs, including his contingency plans for when his aunt is on holiday.”

“We acknowledge that there have been a number of Social Workers involved in supporting Marie’s nephew over recent years, and we apologise for this.”