3 Oct 2019

How would Boris Johnson’s Brexit backstop alternative work for Northern Ireland?

Scotland Correspondent

Boris Johnson’s plans may have been given a cool reception from Europe and the Irish Taoseach but how will the proposed ‘all-island’ regulatory zone work?

Under these proposals Northern ireland will remain in the single market and stick to the EU’s rules on agriculture, food safety and the sale of industrial goods. But that means there’ll be a new border in the Irish Sea, with Great Britain outside EU regulations.

The plans would also create a customs border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

The Prime Minister believes setting up trusted trader schemes and exemptions for small businesses would simplify customs procedures.

One of the issues causing consternation in Northern Ireland is the plan for checks to take place at other designated locations which could be located anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland. It’s not clear yet  exactly where these checks would take place.