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Heavy snow in Russia leaves thousands stranded

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Thousands of trucks and cars are left stranded, some for two days, on a major highway between Moscow and St Petersburg, after heavy snow hits north west Russia.

Russian traffic police reported on Sunday that the traffic jam of stationary vehicles stretched to around 34 miles, although eyewitness reports suggested that the jam was longer, between 60 and 100 miles.

Police in the region said that the authorities were operating field kitchens along the road, offering some hot food.

However, drivers who were stuck complained that supplies never reached them and that they were running out of fuel to keep their engines running and heating on in sub-zero temperatures.

Police officials said that the length of the jam was starting to fall on Sunday evening as vehicles began moving again.

In the past, Russian authorities have been accused of sluggish responses to weather-related problems, including deadly wildfires in 2010 and flooding in the south this summer.

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