• 21 Nov 2017

    Joining Krishnan in the studio to debate the state of the NHS is Jane Dacre, the president of the Royal College of Physicians

  • 21 Nov 2017

    Doctors leaders’ have warned the government that as winter approaches, the NHS is facing unprecedented pressures. The Royal College of GPs has written to the Chancellor Philip Hammond ahead of tomorrow’s budget, adding to the growing clamour within the NHS for a significant increase in funding.  Earlier this month, NHS England’s Chief Executive Simon Stevens…

  • 8 Nov 2017

    The head of the NHS in England has demanded more money for the health service invoking the contested £350 million pound Brexit boost promised by the Leave campaign during the EU Referendum. Warning that hospital waiting lists could grow by 25  per cent – to five million – in the next few years Simon Stevens said…

  • 26 Oct 2017

    One in six British workers struggles with mental health. 300,000 people with long-term mental health issues lose their jobs every year. And the cost to the country in monetary terms? £99 billion pounds. The figures come from the government commissioned ‘Thriving at Work’ report which highlights the additional issue: that mental health remains a taboo…

  • 30 Sep 2017

    The number of women dying as a result of drug misuse has risen by 95 per cent in England and Wales in the last ten years. While fewer women are taking drugs, record numbers are dying from using them. Anja Popp talks to people whose lives have been affected by drug deaths and addiction.  

  • 10 Aug 2017

    Four supermarkets have withdrawn egg sandwiches and salads from their shelves over fears they’ve been contaminated with an insecticide. The Food Standards Agency admitted that 700,000 eggs imported into Britain may have been affected. But questions are being asked about why it’s taken so long to learn the full scale of the problem. It’s alleged…

  • 9 Aug 2017

    New figures show that three quarters of local authorities have been forced to overspend their children’s social care budgets by over half a million pounds. The Local Government Association says the councils have reached breaking point, with lack of funding leading to the closure of hundreds of children’s and youth centres in the past 5…

  • 7 Aug 2017

    They are killing almost a hundred people every day. President Trump’s own commission on America’s opioid crisis has urged him to declare it a public health emergency. It’s becoming one of the country’s deadliest drug epidemics ever. Inigo Gilmore has been among one community in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania – one of the areas hit hard…

  • 7 Aug 2017

    In Britain the number of drug deaths has reached a record high – much of that down to opioids like fentanyl which are often mixed with heroin and other classified drugs to bulk out supplies. So how should we tackle the problem – on both sides of the Atlantic? And is race an issue?

  • 2 Aug 2017

    Game of Thrones star Kit Harington – aka Jon Snow – has joined a campaign to support charities facing a £400 million bill for back pay owed to carers who sleep over in residential homes. The charity Mencap says the ruling to pay carers the National Minimum Wage could have a devastating impact on the…

  • 27 Jul 2017

    The terminally ill baby Charlie Gard will spend his last moments in a hospice, after a high court judge ruled that his life support treatment should be withdrawn soon. His parents had argued that they wanted more time with their son. Great Ormond Street hospital has issued a statement tonight and our health and social…

  • 24 Jul 2017

    “We are sorry we could not save you,” said Charlie Gard’s parents today, as they ended their legal battle over treatment for their terminally-ill baby son. Chris Gard and Connie Yates said letting their son go was the hardest thing they’d ever had to do, but they hoped his life would not be in vain.

  • 11 Jul 2017

    An inquiry is to be held into the contaminated blood scandal that left at least 2,400 people dead. Theresa May said it would establish the causes of what she said was an “appalling injustice” that led to thousands of NHS patients given blood products infected with HIV and hepatitis C in the 70s and 80s.

  • 11 Jul 2017

    Labour MP Diana Johnson, who has long campaigned for an inquiry into the blood contamination scandal, and Andy Evans, who was infected with HIV after being given contaminated blood when he was just five, discuss Theresa May’s announcement of an inquiry. He says full compensation would make survivors’ lives easier.

  • 10 Jul 2017

    Dr Clare Gerada, former head of the Royal College of GPs, says the Charlie Gard case has been turned into a media circus. Pro-life campaigner Catherine Glenn Foster says Charlie’s parents just want the best for him and are “giving hope to the world”.