20 Jan 2015

Has the Sun dropped page 3 topless pictures?

The Sun newspaper has reportedly stopped publishing photographs of topless women on page 3.

The newspaper has not published a topless page 3 picture since Friday and has refused to confirm or deny the reports in the Times, which says “The Sun will no longer feature topless models on page 3 after quietly droping on of the most controversial traditions in British journalism”.

But the Sun and the Times are part of the Murdoch-owned News UK stable of publications.

Campaigners on Tuesday were hopeful that they had finally persuaded the tabloid to drop the feature.

The No More Page 3 protest group wrote a message on its Facebook page which read: “We don’t know the details for sure and there’s still lots to be done. But this could be a huge step for challenging media sexism. And we are so incredibly grateful to all of you who stood up and said No More Page 3.”

News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch asked his Twitter followers for their opinion on the issue last year. He wrote: “Aren’t beautiful young women more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes?”

He went on: “Brit feminists bang on forever about page 3. I bet never buy paper. I think old fashioned but readers seem to disagree.”