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How Reddit users claimed they found missing Malaysia jet

Users of the social networking site Reddit said a satellite image posted online appears to show debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

The image (above), taken from Tomnod, the map search website currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people in an attempt to search for missing plane, was posted on Reddit on Sunday.

The picture appears to show debris from an airplane on the surface of the strait of Malacca, which is where Malaysian radar tracked flight 370 on 8 March.

One user commented: “This matches the 777 perfectly in scale. I made a quick animation with an overlay of the 777.”

The area is coincidentally the same place where crew on a Greek-flagged oil tanker on Sunday responded to radio reports of suitcases found floating in the ocean.

The image was later picked up on Twitter and was said to be under investigation by authorities.

Steven Daglas tweeted: “This is a photo of the possible Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 debris that will reportedly be investigated.”