13 Jul 2017

Grenfell survivor: ‘We went from trauma to depression, and now to fear’

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

There are clearly many questions for the bereaved and survivors of the fire – but despite an ongoing police investigation and a public inquiry, many are not confident they will get answers.

Emotions ran high at a public meeting last night as residents heckled the officer in charge of the police investigation, demanding to know why no one had yet been arrested. Another vigil was held to remember the victims – with many still to be formally identified.

This evening though, police confirmed that 13-year-old Yahya Hashim died in the fire. It’s thought he was with his parents when he died. His aunt has described him as “the most pure hearted boy she ever knew”.

We speak to Sajad Jamalvatan, a student who lived on the third floor of the block who was at the meeting last night.