15 Jul 2015

Greece crisis: angry parliament scenes ahead of bailout vote

Angry scenes broke out in the Greek parliament today as papers were thrown into the air and a minister resigned while MPs debated economic reforms ahead of a bailout vote.

Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras has been facing increasing pressure from MPs after he agreed a deal on Monday with Eurozone leaders that prevents the cash-strapped country from falling out of the euro.

Ministers have been debating a number of austerity measures in order to win a bailout worth €86bn (£61bn). Greece will have to implement the tough austerity measures demanded by its lenders to secure the country’s funding for at least three years.

Far right Golden Dawn MP Llias Kasidiaris furiously tore up a copy of the deal in parliament, which requires a new wave of harsh tax hikes and pension cuts, calling it a “despicable document”.

Mr Kasidiaris said as he threw his papers across the chambers in disgust: “They [international creditors] are not going to get anything from Greece and those despicable memoranda to which the Greek people said no will send you and your policy to the rubbish bin of the Greek history.”

The deputy finance minister Nadia Valavani resigned from Mr Tsipras’ government saying she could not vote in favour and former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis also spoke during the debate, calling the deal a “continuation of debt slavery”.