4 Apr 2018

Grandfather resident in UK since 1961 threatened with deportation given reprieve

Senior Home Affairs Correspondent

“I feel like an alien, I’ve had sleepless nights and fears of a knock at the door”.
Not the words of a fugitive, but a father and grandfather who’s lived in the UK for 57 years. Michael Braithwaite was a child when he came here from Barbados in 1961. But he’s become one of thousands from the Carribean in fear of being suddenly ordered to leave.
A Home Office spokesperson said:  “We will be in touch with Mr Braithwaite very soon to assure him that we are looking to resolve his case as soon as possible and issue him with documentation confirming his status here. We value the contribution made by Commonwealth citizens who have made a life in the UK.”
The Bajan High Commissioner told this programme ” people who have given their lives to this country are being discarded like trash.”