21 Nov 2013

Who works in an office like this?

As Channel 4 News gains exclusive access to Goldman Sachs, how much do we know about the world’s most famous offices? Can you guess which companies or institutions work in the offices below?

Goldman Sachs in Fleet Street (G)

Pictured above: Goldman Sachs on Fleet Street

Channel 4 News Economics Editor Faisal Islam interviews vice chairman of Goldman Sachs Michael Sherwood.

Gaining rare access to the Goldman Sachs building, Channel 4 News decides to looks inside some of the most famous offices world-wide.

So which can you name? Answers at the bottom of the page:
Twitter, San Francisco, California (G)

a) A nice simple design, these tech giants reinvented the way humans interact, then made megabucks when they were floated on the stock market.

Facebook campus in Menlo Park, in California (R)

b) These tech giant remain true to their roots, founded at Harvard University, their headquarters is more like a student campus than an office.

Google in London (G)

c) Search your way around these offices in London. Floors are named after London Underground stations and colourful corridors are home to branded red phone boxes.

The Bank of England, London (R)

d) One of the finest interiors in London is used for regular meetings and conferences. In this room a committee meets once a month to discuss the economy.

Buckingham Palace, Ballroom (G)

e) Investitures, banquets, memorial concerts, performances of the arts, government and political leaders, this hall has it all.

Youtube, San Bruno, California (G)

f) With abundant daylight, generous common spaces and plenty of distractions, this office space watches the world come to life.

The Red Room, White House (G)

g) Refurbishments of these historic rooms happen on a regular basis. Input from a prominent wife often helps guide the decisions of the committee and curator.

The Grand Staircase, Downing Street (G)

h) This building is much larger than it appears from its famous front door. This grand staircase and a network of corridors joins offices, conference rooms, and family homes.

Channel 4 News news room (Channel 4 News)

i) You might be used to seeing the colour purple every night at 7pm, but this office desk is where it all happens.

See answers below and tweet @Channel4News to let us know how you got on

a) Twitter, San Francisco, California.
b) Facebook campus in M
enlo Park, in California
c) Google in London
d) The Bank of England, London
Buckingham Palace, Ballroom
f) Youtube, San Bruno, California

g) The Red Room, White House
h) The Grand Staircase, Downing Street
i) Channel 4 News news room