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Generation sex: what do you think?

Our Generation sex investigation found that “sexting” and hardcore porn are just part of everyday life for today’s teenagers. Here are some of your responses.

Generation sex - your response to our investigation.

For children aged between 13-16 years, sex is part of everyday life. From sending and receiving naked pictures to watching hardcore pornography, teenagers Channel 4 News spoke to across the country as part of our Generation sex investigation said that adults need to get used to the fact that the world has changed.

For many of you, however, there was real concern about what teenagers are exposed to.

On Facebook, Simon Birch told us: “I worked at a state secondary school last year…sexual emancipation is all very well but this is just the modern commercial MTV culture packaging up sex as though complete hedonism without responsibility is the way teenagers should live.”

Daniel Griffiths said: “Disturbing and disgusting, but given the extent of sexualisation today aimed at the youth and pre-pubescent children through the media, television and music videos and songs etc, it is hardly surprising.”

The world has changed

Other viewers said that technology had just made it easier to access pornography.

“Before technology, boys were famous for stashing naughty mags under the mattress. I guess this is just a step forward from that phase and time. Technology just makes this access easier,” wrote Zara Scott on Facebook.

Other users said that internet censorship was not the answer – but worried parents asked what they could do.

On Facebook, Liam O’rly wrote: “Kids shouldn’t be allowed smartphones”, but other users on Twitter disagreed.

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