4 Aug 2014

Another Gaza ceasefire broken

After a brief pause in fighting, Israel breaks its own ceasefire striking a house in the Beach refugee camp. Officials report that an eight-year-old girl is dead, and 29 injured.

    Officials said an eight year old girl was killed in the attack, and that 29 people were wounded. Rescuers believe three are still alive beneath the rubble.

    In Jerusalem, a tractor slammed into a bus during the seven-hour truce that went into effect in the Gaza Strip on Monday. Police described the incident as a possible terrorist attack, in which two people were injured. The driver was shot dead by police, and the ambulance service said that no passengers were on the bus which was hit in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood in the city.

    The Gaza conflict, now in its fourth week, has left more than 1,800 Palestinians and more than 60 Israelis dead. A Palestinian health official said 10 people from one family were killed and at least 30 were wounded near a three-story building on Sunday evening. Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of the Najam family today, who were killed by Israeli tank shelling in the region of Jebaliya.

    Channel 4 News also understands that Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair has been in Israel and working “behind the scenes” on a peace deal.

    His office did not confirm whether Mr Blair is still in Israel, due to the sensitivity of the situation, but said he is still in the region and is due to go back to Egypt later this week.

    Israel is said to be drawing down its ground operation since the weekend but has kept up heavy aerial, offshore and artillery bombardments of the strip. However, the Israeli military said it would respond to any attacks and that any truce would not apply to areas where troops were still operating. The Channel 4 News team in Gaza tweeted (below) that they had heard a missile being fired only minutes into the ceasefire.

    Tweets from the ground in Gaza and Israel. Most recent at the top.