9 Sep 2011

“Gary Gibbon – In conversation with”

Award-winning Political Editor Gary Gibbon will host long-form interviews with leading figures from each party at the forthcoming conferences.

Award winning Political Editor Gary Gibbon will host long-form interviews with leading figures from each party at conference.

Channel 4 News has announced plans for this year’s autumn conference season. The programme’s award winning Political Editor, Gary Gibbon will host in-depth interviews with key “big thinkers” from each party. The fringe events, run by ITN and Channel 4, will aim to probe key themes from 2011 and for the year ahead as each party establishes its identity following the first conference season to follow a full year of coalition government.

In Birmingham, Gary will interview the Liberal Democrat president Tim Farron. (Tuesday 20th September, 1pm, Hall 8a, The ICC)

In Liverpool, he will speak to Lord Maurice Glasman, the Labour peer credited with the “Blue Labour” vision. (Monday 26th September, 1pm, Liverpool Town Hall)

And in Manchester at the Conservative party conference, Gary will interview Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove (Monday 3rd October, 1pm, Alexandra B, Midlands Hotel)

Gary Gibbon says: “This is a rare chance to step back from the day to day, and explore in detail the significant issues that will shape the next year for each party. Each of my guests will have a key part to play in how that year is navigated, and we’ll be asking them to elaborate for our audiences at conference, online and watching the programme.”

The interviews are open to all accredited attendees, and refreshments will be available. They will feature on the flagship 7pm bulletin, and will be covered in more detail on Channel 4 News’ website. For more information, see www.channel4.com/news

These events will be accompanied by coverage from all three conferences from the programme’s new Political Correspondent Michael Crick. He will make his Channel 4 News debut at the Liberal Democrat conference, following his return to the programme from the BBC.

Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy will also present from the party conferences, supported by new presenter Cathy Newman in London.