1 Jul 2024

France: ‘We have to work with UK to solve immigration problem’, says National Rally candidate

We spoke to David Quentin, a candidate for the National Rally party in France, and began by asking him about how his party would deliver on reducing immigration, and he spoke of their plans to change citizenship rules in France.


David Quentin: The stark contrast you saw in France, that if you’re born on the territory, you become French automatically, and it’s not possible today to continue with that. We can’t continue also with all the medical aid for all aliens. We have to change that and we see in different polls in France, the majority of France want to stop that. And that’s why they vote for the Rassemblement National (National Rally).

Krishnan Guru-Murthy: What about the minority? Many of them are very afraid of what France will become and what will happen to them if you take power.

David Quentin: I want to say to this minority, don’t be afraid, because if you are in France, if you respect the law, if you work and if you pay your taxes, nothing could happen to you because you are welcome. Everybody is welcome. But just respect the law. Pay your tax, work and everything is okay.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy: But if your laws discriminate against the minority and are discriminatory, for example against Islamic practices in some communities, then it becomes difficult, doesn’t it, to obey the law and also keep your faith?

David Quentin: No French people have to say it’s difficult to respect the law. If there is a law, you have to respect it. It’s simple. And if the law changes, you have to change your behaviour, and that’s all.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy: And what about Britain? The likely incoming government in Britain wants to increase the number of immigrants being returned from this country to France. Would you welcome that?

David Quentin: Obviously not. But we know that the relations between Great Britain and Emmanuel Macron are less and less good from Brexit. I think other countries have to defend their position. That is to say, look, I want to defend this country and France wants to defend this country. But, what we will do with these migrants in the sea, obviously we can’t let them in the sea and they have to be welcome somewhere.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy: Just not in France?

David Quentin: And why not in the UK? We have to work with the UK to solve these problems. This immigration problem.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy: You are described in most of the English speaking world as the far-right. People describe you as populists, as national conservatives. The language is very reminiscent of fascism in Europe. How do you respond to these descriptions of what you are?

David Quentin: Look at me. I am not fascist, I am not defending a fascism position. Is it because I love France that I am fascist? Is it the question of racism? Is it the question of race? You can love France, you can defend France, whatever your colour, whatever is your religion, wherever you come from. I have no words to defend, to explain.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy: Are you far-right? Is far-right the right way to describe you?

David Quentin: If you think that loving France is far-right, you can say I’m far-right, but it’s just a word to put on my ID. But I’m not far-right. I’m far France.