29 Jun 2015

Fracking: Lancashire council rejects drilling application

Mining giant Cuadrilla is denied permission to start exploratory drilling and fracking at a site between Preston and Blackpool.

Planning officials had recommended the bid to frack at Little Plumpton be approved, subject to working hours, noise control and highway matters. But councilors disregarded the advice, voting against the controversial proposal.

Councillors had deferred the decision until today, saying they were under “intolerable pressure” in making the final ruling in whether to let shale gas be extracted from the site between Blackpool and Preston.

Anti-fracking groups have been protesting outside the Lancashire County Hall in Preston during the decision-making process. Seventy people – for and against fracking – have spoken at council meetings on the issue.

On Thursday, Lancashire County Council rejected an application from energy firm Cuadrilla to frack at another location of Roseacre Wood. Planning officials warned it would have an “an unacceptable impact” on rural roads.

In 2011, fracking was suspended in Blackpool, where Cuadrilla previously drilled.