19 Aug 2013

Wot no fish and chips? Five things we learned about Fowey

Web Reporter Jennifer Rigby has been popping up around the south west – here are five things Channel 4 News has learned from #c4newspopup in Fowey, Cornwall.

1) People are genuinely feeling that there’s the beginning of an economic recovery here. It’s not the sunny uplands yet, but several businesses here said in just the last few months there has been an uptick. Simon Heap of Rugged Interactive, which makes the “cardiowall” – a new kind of gym equipment crossed with a fairground game, see map above – told Channel 4 News: “There’s no question that things are getting better. Gyms are looking for new equipment and our subcontractors are more positive.

2) On the other hand, Cornwall still has problems and Fowey bears the scars of the recession – the post office just shut, and the local bank. Wages are low in the surrounding area and second homes have priced many people out of housing. Even the town’s only proper chip shop shut in December. What does a seaside town without a chippy tell you about economic recovery?

3) If you put up a banner, they will come – we spoke to hundreds of people today in Fowey who were lured in by our #c4newspopup banner. Where’s it going next? Stay tuned to the hashtag and our map to find out.

4) The sun makes everyone feel better – and they come out and spend money in the UK’s tourist towns like Fowey, which is thronged with crowds this week because of the regatta. Can you deliver us some more lovely sunshine please, @liamdutton?

5) Tourists – and, no doubt, TV teams down from London – are known as “emmets” and we don’t think they are being nice.

We’re in Swindon on Tuesday, Middlesbrough on Wednesday, the Lakes on Thursday and Edinburgh on Friday. Get in touch with your local story – email c4newspopup@itn.co.uk or tweet with the hashtag #c4newspopup

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