26 Jan 2019

Forget politicians – here’s the experts’ view of a No-Deal Brexit

With Theresa May’s Brexit deal struggling to get support in the House of Commons, a number of MPs believe the country is getting closer to a No-Deal Brexit.

Some politicians say it could be a great opportunity; others warn of Britain “crashing out”.

But what do people away from Westminster think might happen in the case of a No-Deal Brexit?

“This is a multi-deal option. It isn’t a no-deal option.”

Roger Bootle, Capital Economics

We’ve compiled the predictions of a range of different experts: from Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin, economist Roger Bootle – to the CEOs of Airbus and Jaguar Land Rover.

“Having a No-Deal Brexit and stopping on the 29th will be Armageddon for us here.”

John James, Chairman, Star Cargo

And not just them – people who work at airports and ports as well those in the food and farming industry.

Here’s what they all say about a No-Deal Brexit on 29 March.