2 Dec 2014

Five of the worst Christmas cards from politicians

As politicians past and present reveal Christmas card designs to be sent to friends and family, Channel 4 News takes a look at other excruciating festive efforts from years gone by.

Nigel Farage’s 2014 Christmas card features him in a white van running over other party leaders. The card was designed by the Daily Telegraph cartoonist Christian Adams and references the infamous tweet sent out by Labour MP Emily Thornberry on the day of the Rochester and Strood by-election.

christmas tree with decoration

Gordon Brown’s 2009 Christmas card pictured a miniature ornament of number 10 Downing Street hanging by a thread. It was worryingly reminiscent of reality, with Brown’s leadership under scrutiny at the time.

A few months later, the Labour party was out of government and Gordon Brown was out of Downing Street.

Nick and Mirium clegg

Last year’s Christmas card from Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was modified by his three sons, who used the family iPad to ‘doodle’ antlers on their mother and a Santa hat and beard on Clegg.

Godfrey bloom and wife

Former Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom is well known for not shying away from the limelight. In August last year, he was heavily criticised for his comments about sending UK aid money to “bongo bongo land”. Ukip withdrew the whip from Bloom a month later after calling female party activists “sluts” for not cleaning behind their fridges.

Both comments were referenced in his less-than-subtle 2013 Christmas card.

Tony and cherie blair

And finally, Tony Blair’s current effort takes some beating. The former prime minister appears in front of a grand window, smiling beside his wife Cherie. The words “season’s greetings” appear in swirly text in top left corner.

Tony Blair’s office reportedly said it was a “very nice picture”.