FactCheck has extricated itself from the spin room to bring you the facts about the TV debate. And there’s plenty to keep us busy, so bear with us while we separate the fact from the fiction.

Here’s some of the more striking claims we’ll be taking a look at: Labour’s leaflet lies? Gordon Brown denied responsibility for leaflets claiming the Tories would ditch pensioners’ free TV licence, the winter fuel allowance and free bus passes. But he accused David Cameron of putting a question mark over free eye tests or prescriptions for the elderly. Who’s right?

There was the predictable barney over Europe, with Nick Clegg claiming Cameron’s allied to a bunch of “nutters” in the European Parliament. Is he? Or is the Lib Dem leader guilty of double standards?

Staying on Europe, I’m intrigued by Clegg’s claim it took 15 years for the EU to define what chocolate was. And is it really true, as Cameron stated, that the Lisbon treaty dealt with climate change in just seven words, or, as Brown alleged, that three million jobs depend on our membership of the European Union?

There weren’t so many folksy anecdotes tonight, but one that caught my eye was Clegg’s claim about the pensioners who have to get on a bus to keep themselves warm. True? And is Cameron right that if unpaid carers gave up, it would cost the country £50bn? How does he know?

Finally, Clegg said there were 900,000 illegal immigrants in the country. Does he know? Does anyone know?

If you spot anything else, let us know on factcheck@channel4.com