• Published on 12 Oct 2017 Sections

    Allegations of sexual assault and rape against Harvey Weinstein are making headlines around the world. The Hollywood producer was fired from his own company after a number of women who worked with Weinstein accused him of sexual harassment and assault. Further allegations of rape have emerged in recent days. Weinstein has issued a statement saying…

  • Published on 11 Oct 2017 Sections

    Speaking on World Mental Health Day, the health secretary told MPs: “We’ve got 30,000 more people working in mental health today than we had when [Labour] left office.” But when questioned by FactCheck, the Department for Health admitted that Mr Hunt’s figure includes all professionally qualified clinical NHS staff in England – not just those working in mental health.

  • Published on 11 Oct 2017 Sections

    The culture secretary, Karen Bradley, was doing the rounds of breakfast television this morning. She spoke to BBC Breakfast and ITV’s Good Morning Britain about her new plans for online safety. But the discussion inevitably veered towards Brexit, after Theresa May’s interview yesterday in which she apparently refused to say if she’d vote to leave…

  • Published on 6 Oct 2017 Sections

    The government’s trying to crack down on the ivory trade. But how does the UK compare to the rest of the world?

  • Published on 5 Oct 2017 Sections

    Successive governments have failed to build around 600,000 promised homes. That would be enough to house everyone in Glasgow.

  • Published on 5 Oct 2017 Sections

    Theresa May spoke about house building at the Conservative conference. But the figures she used don’t give the full picture.

  • Published on 2 Oct 2017 Sections

    The chancellor, Philip Hammond, has defended the “market economy”, saying it has brought people out of poverty. In media interviews and his speech to Conservative conference, Mr Hammond repeatedly accused the Labour Party of posing a threat to this economic model. The chancellor even appeared to compare Labour’s policies to countries like North Korea and…

  • Published on 2 Oct 2017 Sections

    Fees will be frozen at £9,250 a year, and that next year’s planned rise to £9,500 will be abandoned.

  • Published on 29 Sep 2017 Sections

    In his speech at the Labour Party Conference this week, Jeremy Corbyn promised to introduce rent controls. The announcement delighted many struggling private renters, but critics responded saying the move would damage the housing sector and be a “disaster for tenants”. So who’s right? What does ‘rent control’ actually mean? The main problem with the rent controls…

  • Published on 28 Sep 2017 Sections

    By our calculations, at least 30 million people have voted for right-wing populist parties in EU countries in the last five years.

  • Published on 27 Sep 2017 Sections

    North Korea has claimed that Donald Trump has declared war. The US president had said North Korea’s leaders “won’t be around much longer” and referred to Kim Jong-Un as “Little Rocket Man”. This followed Mr Trump’s speech to the UN last week in which he warned that America would “totally destroy” North Korea if the…

  • Published on 27 Sep 2017 Sections

    The Labour party finds itself in the middle of a row over antisemitism – in the week when the party will change rules to explicitly forbid antisemitism. FactCheck investigates.

  • Published on 25 Sep 2017 Sections

    The research that Mr McDonnell cites actually estimates that it could cost £20bn to write off student debt by 2050.

  • Published on 22 Sep 2017 Sections

    She wants a two(ish)-year “implementation period” The Prime Minister had already said she wanted some kind of transitional arrangement to continue after the current date when Britain is set to leave the EU – 29 March 2019. But this is the first time she has mentioned a specific timetable. Mrs May says she wants an…

  • Published on 18 Sep 2017 Sections

    We’ve FactChecked this to death – suffice to say that Britain does not in fact spend anything like £350m a week on EU membership fees.

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