“Some of (the Pupil Premium) comes from within the Department for Education budget.”
Education Secretary Michael Gove, BBC Politics Show, 24 October 2010

Oh dear for Nick Clegg. He claimed his key policy – the £2.5bn Pupil Premium – was “additional” money. Even David Cameron and Michael Gove have promised that the money would come from outside the education budget.

But, FactCheck pointed out last week after George Osborne presented the Spending Review, £1.7bn of the £2.5bn comes from other education cuts.

And yesterday, Education Secretary Michael Gove admitted some of the funding would come from cuts to other parts of the education budget. “Quite a bit of it comes from welfare spending”, he told the BBC Politics Show, but admitted: “Some of it comes from within the department for education budget, yes”

“It comes from outside the schools budget,” Mr Gove modified.

He also admitted that some schools would lose funding, as the IFS pointed out last week, despite Mr Osborne’s claim to increase schools funding in real terms.

“It’s a very tight settlement and that does mean, and I won’t run away from it, that there will be some schools that will have less,” he said.