Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy met Rishi Sunak today at the prime minister’s country home, Chequers.

The UK has been providing Ukraine with military weapons since Russia launched its full-scale attack on the country last February, and Kyiv is now asking for increased support from its allies.

So, how much money has the UK spent on weapons for Ukraine so far and what is Zelenskyy asking for?

FactCheck takes a look.

How much money has the UK spent on weapons for Ukraine?

The UK provided £2.3 billion in military support to Ukraine in 2022 and has already committed the same level or an increased amount of military support in 2023 – up to a total £5 billion over both years.

What is Zelenskyy asking for and how much will it cost?

Mr Zelenskyy is currently on a multi-stop European tour asking for increased support from allies, as Kyiv prepares for its counteroffensive against Russian forces.

Following on from his recent meetings in Paris, Berlin, and Rome, the president today met with prime minister Rishi Sunak at Chequers to discuss weapons.

Mr Zelenskyy once again renewed his plea for western-built combat aircraft and said he wanted to create a “jet coalition” among allied countries because “we can’t control the sky”.

The UK recently committed to training Ukrainian fast jet pilots, but has said that combat fighter aircraft will not be provided, at least in the short term.

The government has previously suggested it is “not practical” to provide Ukraine with British combat aircraft because of the length of time it takes to train pilots to fly them, as well as the number of people required to support the aircraft.

But the UK government did confirm today that hundreds of air defence missiles and further aerial systems will be delivered to Ukraine over the “coming months”, including hundreds of new long-range attack drones with a range of over 200km.

This comes after the UK confirmed last week that it was also giving Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine.

Storm Shadow is a long-range missile which defence secretary Ben Wallace said “gives Ukraine the best chance to defend themselves against Russia’s continued brutality”.

With a range of over 150 miles, the weapons can travel three times further than US-supplied HIMARS.

Although an exact figure can’t be given on how much these new weapons gifted to Ukraine will cost, it will come out of the £2.4-2.6bn pledged from the UK this year.

A Downing Street spokesperson told FactCheck: “The Prime Minister outlined the new package of support the UK has announced today, including further air defence missiles and drones. This builds on the confirmation last week that the UK has become the first country to provide long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine.

“The Prime Minister reiterated that the UK will continue its support to ensure Ukraine secures a just and lasting peace. That includes both immediate military support and providing long-term security assistance to guarantee Ukraine’s ability to deter aggression.”

What weapons has the UK provided so far?

So far in 2023, the UK has provided equipment including a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks, self-propelled guns, hundreds of armoured vehicles and sophisticated missiles including Starstreak and Storm Shadow.

It has also supplied a wealth of other rockets, defence systems, armoured vehicles, weapons, ammunition and training to Ukraine over the last year.