3 Jun 2016

EU referendum: all our coverage in one place

Gary Gibbon, Channel 4 News’ political editor, and our reporters have been up and down the country following the referendum campaign. Voters go to the polls on June 23.

How will the Irish vote?

Why do Irish votes matter in the EU referendum? There are half a million Irish citizens in the UK so theoretically their votes could swing it for either side – so how are they planning to vote?

Brexit and the City

Many of the largest banks in the Square Mile have not just called for Britain to stay in the EU, but have ploughed their own money into the Remain campaign. Why are they do determined for us to stay? Helia Ebrahimi reports.

Will Brexit mean a cut in VAT?

That’s what vote leave claim as they hit back at the Government’s grave warnings about the havoc leaving the EU could wreak on the UK economy. Gary Gibbon explains.

Gibraltar, the EU and Britain: Between a rock and a hard place?

The Rock has some 32,000 Gibraltarians and a high street which includes a Marks and Spencer. Does that make them more British than the British? Or does the UK’s tricky relationship with Spain make them regard the EU as a safeguard? Ciaran Jenkins went to ask.

Costa del Sol: How will British expats be affected by Brexit

A group of expatriates lost a legal battle to be given the vote in next month’s referendum, so how do Brits on the Costa del Sol to find feel about the prospects of Brexit and do they want Britain to remain in the EU? Ciaran Jenkins finds a mixed response.

Leave the EU to defend the great British curry

Vote Leave say that if there is less immigration from the EU there will be more opportunity for people from other countries with traditional ties to Britain to come in. Some proprietors of curry houses agree – strict immigration rules for non-EU migrants meant they are struggling to find the right staff. Fatima Manji finds two to three curry houses are closing each week.

Can minority voters swing the election?

Channel 4 News has had an exclusive preview of the British Election Study’s latest survey of opinion on Europe reveals that black and ethnic minorites overwhelmingly back remain, and could hold the balance of power in the vote on June 23 – but will they vote? Gary Gibbon reports.

European Commission: In the belly of the beast

Gary Gibbon reports from the land of the “Eurocrats” – much maligned by critics the high-powered politicians of the European Commission are the EU’s brain and driving force and Channel 4 News has rare and exclusive access.

Hilary Benn: Like father like son?

Hilary Benn who was part of the out campaign led by his father Tony Benn is now fighting to keep Britain in. So what changed his mind? Gary Gibbon asks him to explain what changed.

Arron Banks: the millionaire determined to leave the EU

Two rival camps fought to become the officially designated Leave campaign – Michael Gove and Boris Johnson’s Vote Leave and Nigel Farage’s Leave.EU. In the end it was Vote Leave, but Arron Banks the millionaire behind the other campaign has emerged as one of the most outspoken and intriguing figures of the campaign. Here Gary Gibbon meets the businessman and political donor.