30 Apr 2015

Election 2015 #immigrationUK from Peterborough

Channel 4 News debates immigration with voters from the towns of Peterborough and Wisbech. How has this thorny election issue affected their lives?

Jon Snow has moved on to Peterborough, a city that has been changed out of all recognition by new residents arriving from abroad over the years. But has it – like other places in Britain – been changed for the better or the worse?

Aisha Bashir, a GP in Peterborough tells Jon Snow not enough funding has been given to the NHS for it to support a growing population. Sharon Horne says it is a “myth” that foreigners are doing the jobs that English people do not want to do.

A polish woman expresses the frustration of those thrown into the immigration debate as just another migrant: “We are coming here and want to be part of British society, if they don’t learn English they haven’t had the chance to learn it yet.

“They are not monsters coming here.”

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