13 Jun 2023

Donald Trump in court on federal charges

Europe Editor and Presenter

In Miami, Donald Trump, indicted for a second time, is due to appear in court on 37 federal charges – most under the espionage act.

Florida the state, where unbelievably, seeing a former US president appear in court on criminal charges is not a once in a lifetime experience.

Among his many supporters here today, the mood is more Florida festival than serious historical moment.

But inside the courtroom behind me, soon enough – it will feel very different.

Their former president is today’s defendant. The crimes he is accused of are so shocking, if convicted, he could face years in jail.

And yet – none of what happens here today will prevent his 2024 run to return to the White House.

In fact, the reverse may be true, these legal dramas may help rather than hinder his campaign.