Contains distressing content.
28 Nov 2023

Domestic abuse victims say police not doing enough to protect them

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

2.5 million adults, most of them women, are affected by domestic abuse every year. It’s linked to one-in-five murders or manslaughter cases.

Little wonder the government says it should be treated as a “national threat”,  on a par with terrorism.

But what does that mean in reality? What happens when the person “terrorising” you is the man living in your home? Or someone you once loved who refuses to stop abusing you? How quickly do the police answer your call? What support is there to help you stay safe?

In the first of a series of reports, we followed a small charity right on the frontline of Britain’s Domestic Abuse crisis, and found the mechanisms to protect victims are too often failing them.

There are details in this report you may find upsetting, and if you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised, you can get support and information from channel4.com/support