13 Mar 2013

Arrested DJ’s ‘conscience is clear’

DJ Dave Lee Travis insists his “conscience is clear” and denies any wrongdoing, following his re-arrest over sexual assault allegations. Channel 4 News understands further arrests are imminent.

Dave Lee Travis after being arrested in November (Reuters)

The 67-year-old was originally arrested by Operation Yewtree detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal in November last year.

He answered bail on Monday and was re-arrested in connection with further allegations made to officers working on Operation Yewtree.

Speaking outside his home in Bedfordshire, he said: “The last four months have been extraordinary. Allegations which I strongly deny have been put to me by the police and to which I have given full and complete answers. I have fully co-operated and my conscience is clear.”

Further arrests are imminent, writes Home Affairs correspondent Simon Israel:
Sources have told me that at least a dozen more arrests are expected in the coming weeks, involving "some very high profile figures who will find it difficult to keep their names out of the headlines".
The arrests will be consequence of the Savile scandal, which has encouraged more victims of "other cases" to come forward with allegations of historic sexual abuse.
This is above and beyond the investigations under operation Yewtree set up by the Metropolitan police.
11 suspects who have been arrested or questioned so far, including Dave Lee Travis, Gary Glitter, Max Clifford and Freddie Starr.
I am told that fresh allegations will be put to some of them when they return to answer bail in the coming weeks.

At the time of his first arrest in November, Mr Lee Travis again denied any wrongdoing and stressed that the allegations against him had nothing to do with children.

Speaking outside his home in Leighton Buzzard at the time, he said: “The point I want to make here is that none of the things I’ve been talking to the police about, or have talked to them about, is to do with children.” He added that he did not want his name associated with “bloody evil” child abuse.

On Wednesday he said he is one of many people facing claims under Operation Yewtree.

He said: “It is public knowledge that they are carrying out a wide-ranging investigation concerning allegations made against many people over many decades. I’m simply one of those people.

“I ask you to take into account that I was not and have not been charged with anything by the police. I repeat that: I have not been charged on anything by the police.”

“I deny any wrongdoing whatsoever. Notwithstanding this, my reputation has been tarnished and dragged through the mud” – DJ Dave Lee Travis

The Magic AM presenter, who was taken off air in the wake of his first arrest, said those close to him have been “extremely distressed” at the way he has been treated.

He said: “I deny any wrongdoing whatsoever. Notwithstanding this, my reputation has been tarnished and dragged through the mud.

“My wife and I and close friends have been extremely distressed by this treatment and I have lost faith in people who have conducted themselves in such a spiteful way, causing hurt and upset for the sake of sensationalism and for the purpose of selling newspapers.

“On the other hand, I have had amazing support from many people in the business, in the public, listeners, all over the place, for which I am truly grateful.

“I am a broadcaster who has now been off the air for the longest period ever in my 50 years behind a microphone. That’s because of this current situation.

“My bosses on the Magic network have also told me they want me back on air just as soon as this is all settled and I am also obviously very grateful for their support.

“I will not be making any further public comment and I would ask you please to respect my privacy at this time.”

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said a man in his 60s from Bedfordshire had been interviewed when he answered bail on Monday.

He said the man was “further arrested on suspicion of sexual offences in connection with further allegations made to Operation Yewtree”.