19 Feb 2014

David Bowie wins Brit award, asks Scotland to ‘stay with us’

David Bowie wins the 2014 Brit award for best British male solo artist – and uses his acceptance speech to make a plea for Scotland to remain a part of the UK.

Bowie was up against of host of youngsters for the award including Jake Bugg – 19, James Blake – 25, John Newman – 23, and Tom Odell – 23, and at 67 became the oldest ever recipient of a Brit award.

The singer made a return to the UK music scene last year when he released The Next Day, his first album in ten years.

Scotland, stay with usKate Moss reading David Bowie’s acceptance speech

Liam Gallagher read out the announcement that Bowie had won, but also revealed that that Bowie was not at the event.

“You maniacs didn’t think that David Bowie was actually going to be here?” he asked. “David Bowie’s too cool for that. He doesn’t do this s***!”

‘Stay with us’

Supermodel Kate Moss went up to collect the award for Bowie, dressed in one of his Ziggy Stardust outfits – known as the “rabbit costume”.

She read out a message from Bowie that read:

“In Japanese myths the rabbits on my old costume that Kate is wearing live on the moon. Kate is from Venus and I am from Mars. I am completely delighted to have won the Brit for being the best male, but I am, aren’t I Kate? (to which Ms Moss mouthed ‘yes’)

“I think it’s a great way to end the day. Thank you very, very much.

“And Scotland, stay with us.”