22 Dec 2020

Daughter of Covid victim campaigns for inquiry into care home deaths

As we prepare for Christmas festivities, thousands around the country will be facing their first holiday season without their loved ones.

Among them is Amanda Henry, whose father Robert died of covid inside an East London care home in March. Since then she’s been campaigning for an inquiry into care home deaths, and we’ve followed her over the last few months.

A spokesperson for the home said:

“Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of all Residents who have passed away during the coronavirus pandemic. The Aspen Court family are deeply saddened by the loss of the Residents, who they cared for deeply, during the outbreak back In April.

“Throughout the pandemic, testing has been carried by the Government and in conjunction with Government guidance. HC-One has taken every possible opportunity to participate in and support the roll out of testing in care homes, and has championed the need for a regular and comprehensive testing programme from the outset of the pandemic.

“Keeping our Residents and Colleagues safe has been our absolute priority throughout the coronavirus outbreak, and a key part of this has been making sure our homes have the PPE they need. PPE stock levels are checked daily by the regional management team and these records show Aspen Court has always had all required PPE available on any given day.

“Throughout the outbreak we also carefully monitored the correct use of PPE, with regular video calls and ‘video walkarounds’ conducted by our regional management team to make sure Colleagues in our homes were using PPE correctly so that they keep each other and our Residents safe. All homes have been issued the latest Government guidance on every occasion, and we created a suite of compulsory training modules for Colleagues to support them to understand and implement the latest advice on PPE use.

“PPE guidance has changed 25 times throughout the pandemic, including from when, earlier in the pandemic, it was only required to be worn when carrying out personal care and not at all times.”