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Comet administration: your rights Q and A

With high street electrical retailer Comet in administration, Channel 4 News looks at the rights of consumers and what the store can do for those who have bought goods there recently.

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Q. What are my basic rights?

If you have bought goods online or in person and paid in full, provided the item is in stock, the administrators say you should still receive them.

If you paid either part or in full on your credit card but have not yet received your items and they are out of stock, you can launch a claim against your credit card company for a refund under section 75 of the consumer credit act. This only applies to items costing over £100 but less than £30,000.

If you paid for your goods on a debit card (or on your credit card for goods costing less than £100), you may still be able to get your money back under what is called chargeback. It is part of what are called scheme rules, which some banks subscribe to, though unlike the CCA it is not enshrined in law.

Address your claim to your bank, which will then try and recover the money from the store’s bank – provided the money is there.

Q. Are Comet gift cards still valid?

Comet’s administrators have said that contrary to earlier policy, gift vouchers bought by members of the public are valid although this does not apply to those issued on behalf of corporate clients.

Comet: business as usual but leave the gift vouchers at home

Q. I have ordered goods but not paid for them. Will they be delivered?

The administrators say that any goods not paid for before Comet went into administration will not be delivered. You could however visit a Comet store and try to buy the item from there.

Q. I bought an item just before Comet went into administration, it is not faulty but I want to return it.

Administrators say they cannot provide refunds under these circumstances.

Q. What happens if I buy an item from Comet and it is faulty?

Items will still have manufacturers’ warranties, so make sure you register the warranty and keep your receipt.

Q. How are extended warranties affected by Comet’s administration?

ExtraCare Service Plans and extended warranties are unaffected by the administration.

For more information on Comet’s administration, visit the firm’s website